Friday, 16 April 2010

A Little About Me

So it's probably about time I introduced myself. My name is Lewis Clark. 22 years of age. From London. I have a lot of interests but I'm big into video games, rock and heavy metal music, chilling with my mates and the odd drink. The other one is of course, inline skating.

I used to skate quite a lot as a kid but it became one of those things that got lost with the test of time. It's only recently that my interest in it has been re-ignited thanks to my brother-from-another-mother; Andrew Tedder.

Andrew's been rocking a pair of Erik Bailey signature Valo's for a while now and I've been having a blast following him around and putting his antics to film.

It was only in December that during a trip to Center Parcs I decided to don a pair of inline skates again and see if I'd lost my ability to skate. Luckily I had not. This was the real push for me to go and join Andrew in his endeavours to become a rather good aggressive inline skater.

Today, I finally went up town to the fantastic Club Blue Room to get my own set of gear and start doing this properly. Without further ado, here are my purchases. First of all, the most important pieces of equipment any budding skater will need:

I've decided to start with a pair of Razors Cult B. They're affordable, light and well built. They've also got anti-rockers (2 small wheels in the center) which are essential if you're planning to pull off some grinds.

Obviously it was going to be a pain in the arse lugging these about without a proper ruck-sack so I sorted myself out with one of those as well:

I decided it was probably best to get a Razors ruck-sack just to match the skates. Makes sense really. It's a pretty decent bag as well. Light-weight with padded straps to make it a comfortable wear.

Falling over is going to be inevitable so the store clerk advised me to get some shin and wrist guards. Unfortunately they were all out of shin guards in my size so that will have to wait for another day. However, they did have a decent pair of wrist guards which I'm glad they suggested because I would of probably gone for a pair of gloves if I was on my own. With these I can also avoid twisting my hand and fucking my wrist up which is pretty likely in this sport:

So there you have it! I'll be hitting the street tomorrow to practise until I can't handle anymore and then I'll be joining Andrew for a new session. We'll probably film are antics so stay tuned for a new clip from us. You can check out our old clips by hitting my YouTube channel. I'll probably sort out a Vimeo account just for our skate videos sooner or later, so I'll keep you informed on that as well.

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