Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Jamie Stenner Edit

Weymouth is one of my favourite places on God's green Earth. True story. So this cool little edit featuring Jamie Stenner killing the Front park in Weymouth was always going to get featured here:

[Source: Kingdom Mag]

Razors Edit from the Hamburg Xmas Jam

I know I don't usually feature edits from bladers that aren't from the UK but I've got to make an exception for this incredible edit. It features a whole host of talent absolutely wrecking the Hamburg Xmas Jam. Check it out:

[Source: Be-Mag]

Thursday, 22 July 2010

More From The Relentless NASS Festival

The events of the NASS festival were happening almost 2 weeks ago now and we're still getting stunning footage from the event. Kingdom have another 2 edits showing us all the incredible talent that was on display.

First up is a highlight reel from the entire weekend:

Kingdom Magazine presents the Nass Festival 2010 from Kingdom Magazine on Vimeo.

Secondly we've got a showcase of talent from the street event:

NASS 2010 street comp from Ed Inglis on Vimeo.

If you don't know yet, a double-backflip and a 1260 were pulled off during this weekend. Amazing stuff.

[Source: Kingdom Mag]

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Route One's NASS Edit

Route One have uploaded their edit of highlights from the Relentless NASS festival. This event still continues to impress. Check it out:

NASS 2010: Inline Highlights >>

[Source: Kingdom Mag]

Relentless NASS Highlights

Well Kingdom have got a couple of cool edits up from Relentless NASS. First up we've got Danny Aldridge and Steve Swain in the best trick contest:

Kingdom Mag Presents Nass 2010 Best Trick from jordan maders on Vimeo.

Sim Warren has put together an awesome edit of highlights which also gives you a sense of the overall vibe of the event rather nicely. It's password protected so you'll need to click here and enter rollernewsarepirates as the password.

[Source: Kingdom Mag]

Monday, 5 July 2010

Relentless NASS

The Relentless NASS Rollerblading Competition is happening on the 9th to the 11th of July and Kingdom are one of the event's many sponsors. They've slapped together this rather tasty edit to promote the event. You can see it here:

The prize list is as follows:

1 £1,600
2 £750
3 £500
4 £300
5 £200
1 £200
2 £100
3 £75
1 £500
2 £200
3 £175

And here's the complete list of skaters competing over the weekend:

Brian Aragon
Chaz Sands
Nick Lomax
Roman Abrate
Steve Swain
Fabio Enes

Adam Brown
Adrien Anne
Alex Burston
Andy Gibson
Andy Gilbert
Andy Spary
Blake Bird
Dan Aldridge
Daniel Stirling
Elliot Stevens
Frazer Watson
Jamie Stenner
Joe Atkinson
Joey Egan
Keir Lindsay
Leon Humphries
Marc Moreno
Matt King
Ollie Jones
Rich Barber
Rob Pruett
Roman Godinaire
Sam Tuffnell
Scott Quuinn
Simon Coburn
Simon Cox
Taylor Latouche

Andrew Cunliffe
Andrew Wolosianka
Aron Bridges
Ben Richards
Ben Walker
Clayton Myott
Dan Collins
Dan Ives
Gareth Griffiths
Harry Fearnall
Jake Rickets
James Barnes
John Goodman
Jordan Mowatt
Kayd Anderson
Lewis Neale
Matt Smith
Mike Lyons
Pete Bexley
Sam Brookfield
Sam Davis
Sam Kew
Scott Bagnall
Scott Hallows
Warren Digne
Warren Pullinger
Wesley Thomas

I think it's pretty safe to say it's going to be one hell of a weekend. More details can be found on the Relentless NASS website:

[Source: Kingdom Mag]

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Fragmented Networks DVD Review

DVD Title: Fragmented Networks
Who's In It: Michael Tew, Adrian Wallace, James Keyte
Run Time: 28 minutes without bonus features
Where Can I Get It: Loco Skates

Fragmented Networks is the new film from Geoff Davies and Stuart Kinghorn. Filmed over the course of 3 years, it features Michael Tew, Adrian Wallace and James Keyte hitting spots across England, Scotland and California.

Things are off to a great start with a nice compilation edit from all skaters and some guest spots. The music choice is a little odd; the first track is by The Cure and features a lot of synthesised trumpets that really cheapen the footage. This is a shame because the footage throughout the film is always top-quality.

Most of the film is interestingly shot without a fish-eye lens. Because of this, you tend to see more the skaters' surroundings and it really makes their spots look a lot more impressive. The down-side to this is you don't get the impression of speed as well as you do with a fish-eye lens. This isn't a deal-breaker but it does make a lot of the bigger tricks look a little flat. Luckily, most of the California edit is shot with a fish-eye, making this portion of the film the most fun to watch.

Our favourite edit was easily James Keyte. Easily the youngest skater in the film, Keyte pulls off some massive tricks and has a greater variety in his arsenal than the other skaters featured. While he can grind and slide like the best, what really makes Keyte stand out are his ballsy gaps. Keyte's edit also features some of the only rock music in the film's soundtrack which instantly gets a plus-point from us.

Speaking of the soundtrack, there's a really nice selection of tunes on offer that certainly help the film a lot. We personally enjoyed the fact that the film isn't too UK hip-hop heavy (sorry guys, the American's do it better).

Next up is Adrian Wallace and Michael Tew, who also have great edits but their focus on grinds makes the film a little stale after a while. You can tell the creators have had a little difficulty keeping Wallace and Tew's edits fresh because these are the edits that are mainly cut with bails instead of varying tricks. However, Wallace's gap-to-lamp-post bail gave us a good chuckle.

Speaking of humour, we do enjoy it when films show a silly side to their skaters; it helps the viewer see there is some humanity to them. Unfortunately, we can't warm to Michael Tew who is seen smoking in a 'No Smoking' area and walking up to strangers in the street and then shouting at them to make them jump. Frankly, it makes him look like a bit of a tosser.

All in all, Fragmented Networks is a decent blading film but the emphasis on slides and Michael Tew's rubbish sense of humour hold the film back from being a 'must-buy'. Luckily, the bonus features help round the package out by doubling the DVD's running time. There's some cool stuff like an edit from Adrian Wallace skating in the snow and a great session from Barcelona.

A good showing but not essential:

3 wheels out of 5

FRAGMENTED NETWORKS TRAILER 2 from Fragmented Networks on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Chaz Sands Invitational

As this clip shows, this years Chaz Sands Invitational looked all kinds of awesome. There is some amazing talent on display here. Certainly makes me jealous; I can't even skate backwards yet!

Kingdom Mag Present Chaz Sands Invite 2010 from jordan maders on Vimeo.

[Source: Kingdom Mag]

Paul Bates Edit

Here's a cool little edit from Paul Bates featuring a huge cast of UK inline talent.

Offcuts from paul bates on Vimeo.

[Source: Kingdom Mag]

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Easter Colours

Here's a cool clip called 'Easter Colours' which was shot in April at a variety of different skate parks. If you're a fan of super-slomo, this should satisfy you nicely.

Easter Colours from Sim Warren on Vimeo.

Team Razors at the Noiya Jam

Here's a clip of Team Razors destroying the House Skate park in Sheffield. This was a part of the Noiya Jam. Stick with it to the end because Nick Lomax pulls a rather massive trick out of his arse.

RAZORS - NOIYA JAM from Interplay Motion Films on Vimeo.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

First Session of the New Year

Can you believe the last time me and Andrew went to film a skate session was July last year? Far too long if you ask me. Well today we finally remedied that situation by hitting some new spots and making good use of this lovely weather we're having. I'm not in this session as I was 1) filming it and 2) haven't worn my skates in well enough to try anything just yet.

Check out the new video here:

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Friday, 16 April 2010


Here's a cool little edit from Brett Davies and friends hitting some big grinds in Manchester.

Sunchester from brett davies on Vimeo.

The Czech Republic Scene

Who would have thought there was an inline skating scene in the Czech Republic? That's probably quite a small-minded statement but I was honestly suprised to see this edit from LuboŇ° Turek called 'Bladeism' which features some amazing skating from the Czech Republic.

Bladeism from lubos on Vimeo.

A Little About Me

So it's probably about time I introduced myself. My name is Lewis Clark. 22 years of age. From London. I have a lot of interests but I'm big into video games, rock and heavy metal music, chilling with my mates and the odd drink. The other one is of course, inline skating.

I used to skate quite a lot as a kid but it became one of those things that got lost with the test of time. It's only recently that my interest in it has been re-ignited thanks to my brother-from-another-mother; Andrew Tedder.

Andrew's been rocking a pair of Erik Bailey signature Valo's for a while now and I've been having a blast following him around and putting his antics to film.

It was only in December that during a trip to Center Parcs I decided to don a pair of inline skates again and see if I'd lost my ability to skate. Luckily I had not. This was the real push for me to go and join Andrew in his endeavours to become a rather good aggressive inline skater.

Today, I finally went up town to the fantastic Club Blue Room to get my own set of gear and start doing this properly. Without further ado, here are my purchases. First of all, the most important pieces of equipment any budding skater will need:

I've decided to start with a pair of Razors Cult B. They're affordable, light and well built. They've also got anti-rockers (2 small wheels in the center) which are essential if you're planning to pull off some grinds.

Obviously it was going to be a pain in the arse lugging these about without a proper ruck-sack so I sorted myself out with one of those as well:

I decided it was probably best to get a Razors ruck-sack just to match the skates. Makes sense really. It's a pretty decent bag as well. Light-weight with padded straps to make it a comfortable wear.

Falling over is going to be inevitable so the store clerk advised me to get some shin and wrist guards. Unfortunately they were all out of shin guards in my size so that will have to wait for another day. However, they did have a decent pair of wrist guards which I'm glad they suggested because I would of probably gone for a pair of gloves if I was on my own. With these I can also avoid twisting my hand and fucking my wrist up which is pretty likely in this sport:

So there you have it! I'll be hitting the street tomorrow to practise until I can't handle anymore and then I'll be joining Andrew for a new session. We'll probably film are antics so stay tuned for a new clip from us. You can check out our old clips by hitting my YouTube channel. I'll probably sort out a Vimeo account just for our skate videos sooner or later, so I'll keep you informed on that as well.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Oli Short

This is a stunning video of Oli Short doing some incredibly creative stunts and tricks. This man is clearly a master of our sport. He has some massive balls as well.

Here's some more of Oli in action in case that first video wasn't enough.

3 Days of Scott Blackmore

Check this cool little video of Scott Blackmore tearing up the parks in Weymouth and Dorchester. I especially like this video as Weymouth is my favourite place on God's green Earth and I could recognise it from any footage you show me.

Scott Blackmore, 3 days in March 2010 from scott blackmore on Vimeo.

House Skatepark Rail Combos

Watch Steve Swain, Nick Lomax, Matt Cripps and Alex Burston at The House Skatepark in Sheffield. This video features some of the most amazing rail combos I've ever seen. Swain also pulls off some massive flips near the end so make sure you watch this all the way through.

Noiya Jam 2010 Promo. from Noiya.Optics on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Welcome to Aggro Inline UK

Hello and welcome to Aggro Inline UK; a blog that details the aggressive inline skating culture in the UK.

Inline skating has been seeing a fast decline in popularity. This wasn't helped when the leading extreme sports event, 'The X Games' decided to drop the sport from competition in 2005.

The UK scene is very small and no-where near as popular in comparison to the US scene. We want to re-ignite the love for inline skating in the UK by reporting on all the latest happenings from the world of aggressive inline, sharing great skate footage as well as exchanging skate tips and tricks.

If you have any news, footage, pictures etc. you'd like to see on Aggro Inline UK, feel free to leave us a comment and we'll be happy to feature any feedback we enjoy or regard necessary.

Stay tuned!